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Direct365 Reviews: the PHS Airstream Pure Hand Dryer

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We understand that it can be hard to quite understand which hand dryer to buy for your business, and what the different features mean in the real world. Most businesses we work with don’t have much of a clue what they need, and that’s why they turn to us. But with this in mind, we […]

Dyson Airblade V vs Airforce Hand Dryer – Which is Best?

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Not all hand dryers are created equal. And while all have their merits, it can be difficult to choose between one model and another, especially if you’re not an expert. Luckily for you, we at Direct365 are experts when it comes to hand dryers. Our hand dryer buying guide successfully helps hundreds of customers discover […]

Predicted trends of futuristic bathrooms | Direct365

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Here’s a thought: the bathroom of the future. What does that look like to you? We gathered worldwide data and insights into futuristic bathroom features from Google Patents and Google Search and collaborated with experts to see what the future of bathrooms really looks like, from water-saving toilets, voice activated mirrors to smart hand dryers. […]

Best Hand Dryers for Kids with Autism

The third blog in our latest hand dryer campaign is focused on which hand dryer facilities are best to autistic children. Nurseries and child’s play areas being the most common places a child might use a hand dryer. Finding the best hand dryer for kids with autism is often a difficult task for venues, so […]

Which are the Best Hand Dryers for Schools?

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Finding a hand dryer for any setting can be difficult. There are so many to choose from and when you see the range of prices and levels of functionality, it can all seem a bit of a blur. But believe it or not, there are better machines for different settings. There is a difference between […]

7 Reasons Why Employees are Taking Sickies

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Many employees enjoy their jobs. Working for a living is a reality of life, and most people get on without any major problems. But there are times when people will need to take time off. Sickness is a natural part of life, but when employees take sick days without any need, questions need to be […]

5 Rarely Discussed Hacks for Reducing Your Business Energy Costs

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It is no secret that energy costs have ramped up over the last couple of years. There are multiple reasons for this – too many to go into on this blog – but businesses have seen more money leaving their bank for bills than ever before. For some, this has meant tightening their belts, increasing […]

7 Things You Should Provide Your Fleet With

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Offering employees and potential employees the perk of a company car could be the difference between retaining and attracting talent, and losing it to your rivals. While you may contest that your company has a greater culture and attitude to employees, that’s difficult to communicate just in a salary and benefits package. But whether you […]

Positive Steps for Men’s Health Month in the Workplace

There have been strong steps to promote male mental health across society over the last decade. Helping people open up about things going on inside their head is a completely positive experience. But there are still serious inroads to be made around male physical health, and there is still a lot not being done in […]