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Category: Informative Articles

5 Tips for Good Workplace Hygiene

Title of the blog with a black and white image of bins.

Workplace hygiene is always important, but depending on the industry you work in, there could be a greater need to ensure better cleanliness. During times of heightened illness, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a finer focus on hygiene. Asking your employees to practice basic hygiene isn’t an unrealistic ask at any time. Direct365 […]

School Safety: Why Use Defibrillators in Schools?

Article title over a yellow background with an image of a defibrillator to the right.

Health and safety in a school setting is important for several reasons. Working in any space with young and potentially vulnerable people requires the right amount of safety assurance should they need medical attention. This is why we should ensure defibrillators in schools become commonplace. Defibrillators have recently become a much sought-after piece of equipment […]

Tips for a Good Food Hygiene Rating

blog title image for hygiene rating blog with chef cooking in the background

Having a high food hygiene rating could easily be the difference between A good reputation and a bad one. Customers take these ratings seriously, and for good reason. Think of how many times you have heard someone – in real life or online – talk about how a venue got a poor food hygiene rating. […]

Tattoo Supplies: Making your Tattoo Studio Eco-Friendly

Creating an eco-friendly business isn’t a straight-forward task. Whether or not you have a passion for going green, the next decade or so might end up forcing your hand. Getting eco-friendly tattoo supplies might be right up your street. But how do you help make your tattoo studio more environmentally friendly, while also not spending […]