Seasonal Office Fires – Watch Your Fairy Lights!

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office christmas fire

If your workplace is anything like ours, then Christmas is already here. That means Christmas trees, fairy lights and jaunty jingles abound. Only a Scrooge would shirk at the sight of this delightful set-up. (Yes, that’s a llama). While this season of cheer is warranted, your business should be aware of potential hazards that litter […]

Open All Winter. Keeping Kids Safe From Slips, Trips And Falls.

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children snow safety

How did you manage with the snow last year? While a snow day may be a kids dream come true, it’s a real headache for schools. Avoiding the likelihood of accidental slips, trips and falls plus the ensuing anger from parents can be a real hassle. You’ve got to prepare for the snow, have the […]

Common Workplace Accidents

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Workplace Accidents

Slipping on banana peels have been a standard comedy staple since the days of Chaplin; yet slips, falls and trips are no laughing matter in the workplace. Luckily the UK has categorically had one of the lowest rates of fatal injury across the EU, thanks to stringent industry standards and regulations set upon employers for […]

Gritting and Snow Clearance

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Snow Removal

How did you manage with the snow last year? Last winter was something else. The beast from the east wreaked havoc across the country, cutting off important services and temporarily closing down many businesses during it’s brutal period. To avoid leaving our customers in the dark, we persevered. But it left us with a question. […]

Asbestos School Survey

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asbestos school survey banner

  Asbestos is a well-documented danger. The threat it poses to school buildings is colossal. Research by the BBC found over half of the schools in the North West contain asbestos. Ask yourself this. How do you prepare the bright minds of the future if they are to be cut down by dangers of the […]

Mosquito Pest Control

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mosquito pest control

Did you know mosquitoes kill more people in one day than sharks killed over the last 100 years?   The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) says the recent spate of wet weather, coupled with a rise in the temperatures provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes to flourish. Mosquitoes need out blood proteins so they can […]

Library Fire Safety

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library fire safety

What is one thing you can lose, never get back, or ever find again?   From the lost work of Nikola Tesla to the library of Alexandria.  A whole wealth of human knowledge lost forever. In the case of fire, there’s a wealth of history lost to the flame. As preservers of education and the […]

Why Buildings need an asbestos survey

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asbestos management survey

Any building constructed before the year 2000 could contain potentially lethal amounts of asbestos within its structure. Asbestos was very popular from the 60s to 90s before research revealed the life-threatening implications.   Toilet cisterns, padding, tiles and pipes are just a few items that could contain asbestos. As buildings deteriorate, the higher the likelihood […]

Pigeon Bird Control

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pigeon pests

So, what do people think of pigeons? In an old independent article from the 90’s, feelings were made pretty clear. Then there are people with a more “hands-on approach”.Unfortunately, pigeons will always be a pest, it’s not a species that can be so easily culled. The UK isn’t going to run a Four Pests campaign […]

UK PAT Testing

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uk pat testing

What is PAT testing, what’s the law and how often is it needed? PAT (portable appliance testing) means conducting routine safety checks on electrical appliances; this is especially important in commercial premises. Pat tests ensure that everyone from employees to customers isn’t at risk of any injury. Visual examination is an essential part of the […]