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Category: Safety

Our Top 7 Construction Site Safety Tips

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Safety is the single most important part of operating a construction site. While the project itself is the reason you’re there, without the correct safety precautions in place you’ll be lucky to last very long at all. It should be one of your primary concerns to keep your workers and the general public as safe […]

Top 10 Procedures and Practices of Nursery Hygiene

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Nurseries can be a hot bed of bugs and sickness. Children, as they should, muck about, play and man-handle anything and everything in their pursuit of making friends and acting their age. While this is all fun and games for the children, it leaves their minders and staff struggling to ensure they are keeping the […]

Why is Fire Door Safety Week Important?

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When it comes to fire safety, nobody should be left feeling the heat. All over the world, fire safety is one of the most important pieces of health and safety legislation. From office blocks to industrial buildings, covering every aspect of fire safety ensures that businesses are never at fault if a fire should break […]

#StaySafe – Legionella Flushout


Legionella in Water Systems So, it’s looking like your business may be able to open up again soon, but have you been keeping an eye on your water systems? If your water flow has been stagnant for a while, this increases the risk of Legionella bacteria growing. This risk applies to most commercial buildings, not […]

#StaySafe – Hygiene Safety Mats

hygiene mats

Basic hygiene practices and maintaining safe distances are both crucial to prevent the spread of viruses, so we now offer a range of bespoke mats to bring attention to this. Remind staff and visitors to wash their hands or sanitise properly with our hygiene floor mats, suitable for a range of areas in all sorts […]

#StaySafe – CPR & Cross Contamination


CPR Has Changed As mentioned in our previous blog on First Aid Advice during COVID-19, officials are updating their guidance on First Aid and CPR protocols in light of the pandemic outbreak. This isn’t just relevant to First Aiders; all of the general public should be keeping an eye on these important updates to ensure […]