Why Confined Space Training Is Important

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Every year people die as a result of work in confined spaces. In Norfolk, one welder was overcome by fumes, his colleague went in to rescue him and fell unconscious. A crewman onboard a shipping vessel died from carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of the petrol engine running with no ventilation and little air […]

Abrasive Wheels: Cutting Edge Training

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abrasive wheels training banner

Abrasive wheels are dangerous if left to the untrained. Whenever workers operate this machinery incorrectly, incidents like these are likely to happen. Whether you’ve got a new starter on the team or looking to refresh your knowledge with the current work practices. Our course is aimed squarely at you. But first, here’s the reason why […]

Construction Essentials: Site Safety Training

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site safety training

According to the Health and Safety Executive, one-third of fatal workplace injuries occurred in the construction sector. What’s troubling was the fact they were all self-employed workers. As one of the most work safety-conscious counties in the world, the price of risk is high. Avoidable accidents can cost a companies finance and reputation.   Did […]

First Aid At Work Training Courses: Explained

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first aid at work training

The UK has one of the best health and safety records in the world, but there is still much room for improvement. Workplace injuries and ill health cost the UK economy up to £5 billion between 2016/17, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Accidents in the workplace don’t stop at the personal level( […]

Seasonal Office Fires – Watch Your Fairy Lights!

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office christmas fire

If your workplace is anything like ours, then Christmas is already here. That means Christmas trees, fairy lights and jaunty jingles abound. Only a Scrooge would shirk at the sight of this delightful set-up. (Yes, that’s a llama). While this season of cheer is warranted, your business should be aware of potential hazards that litter […]

Open All Winter. Keeping Kids Safe From Slips, Trips And Falls.

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children snow safety

How did you manage with the snow last year? While a snow day may be a kids dream come true, it’s a real headache for schools. Avoiding the likelihood of accidental slips, trips and falls plus the ensuing anger from parents can be a real hassle. You’ve got to prepare for the snow, have the […]

Common Workplace Accidents

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Workplace Accidents

Slipping on banana peels have been a standard comedy staple since the days of Chaplin; yet slips, falls and trips are no laughing matter in the workplace. Luckily the UK has categorically had one of the lowest rates of fatal injury across the EU, thanks to stringent industry standards and regulations set upon employers for […]

Gritting and Snow Clearance

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Snow Removal

How did you manage with the snow last year? Last winter was something else. The beast from the east wreaked havoc across the country, cutting off important services and temporarily closing down many businesses during it’s brutal period. To avoid leaving our customers in the dark, we persevered. But it left us with a question. […]

Asbestos School Survey

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  Asbestos is a well-documented danger. The threat it poses to school buildings is colossal. Research by the BBC found over half of the schools in the North West contain asbestos. Ask yourself this. How do you prepare the bright minds of the future if they are to be cut down by dangers of the […]

Mosquito Pest Control

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mosquito pest control

Did you know mosquitoes kill more people in one day than sharks killed over the last 100 years?   The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) says the recent spate of wet weather, coupled with a rise in the temperatures provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes to flourish. Mosquitoes need out blood proteins so they can […]