Fire Risk Assessment: Small Business Guide

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The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005  requires employers to carry out a fire risk assessment. Which includes measures to reduce or eliminate the risk of fire and identify any persons at risk. You’ll need to consider a variety of different factors such as emergency exits, fire detection systems and create an emergency evacuation plan.  […]

Fight The Flames With Our Fire Warden Course

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Do you have an evacuation plan in place? A fire warden is a designated person within a department whose aim is to contribute to the safety of people in the event there’s a fire evacuation. To make sure they are fit for the job at hand, fire wardens need sufficient training in all aspects fire-safety […]

Keep A Cool Head. Fire Safety Awareness Training

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fire safety awareness training

Do your employees know what to do in the event of a fire? The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, applies to every workplace, expecting employers to provide staff training in fire awareness. No matter the size of building or number of employees. Fire safety is a must. Read on to find out everything you […]

Legionella Regulations 2019: The New Water Quality Standards

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legionella regulations

Legionella bacteria can cause Legionnaires’ disease which is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. Outbreaks of the illness occur when Legionella bacteria grow in artificial water systems at a temperature high enough to encourage growth. With the growing number of water coolers, air conditioning systems in UK business buildings, outbreaks could happen at a moments […]

Why Confined Space Training Is Important

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Every year people die as a result of work in confined spaces. In Norfolk, one welder was overcome by fumes, his colleague went in to rescue him and fell unconscious. A crewman onboard a shipping vessel died from carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of the petrol engine running with no ventilation and little air […]

Abrasive Wheels: Cutting Edge Training

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abrasive wheels training banner

Abrasive wheels are dangerous if left to the untrained. Whenever workers operate this machinery incorrectly, incidents like these are likely to happen. Whether you’ve got a new starter on the team or looking to refresh your knowledge with the current work practices. Our course is aimed squarely at you. But first, here’s the reason why […]

Construction Essentials: Site Safety Training

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site safety training

According to the Health and Safety Executive, one-third of fatal workplace injuries occurred in the construction sector. What’s troubling was the fact they were all self-employed workers. As one of the most work safety-conscious counties in the world, the price of risk is high. Avoidable accidents can cost a companies finance and reputation.   Did […]

First Aid At Work Training Courses: Explained

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first aid at work training

The UK has one of the best health and safety records in the world, but there is still much room for improvement. Workplace injuries and ill health cost the UK economy up to £5 billion between 2016/17, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Accidents in the workplace don’t stop at the personal level( […]

Seasonal Office Fires – Watch Your Fairy Lights!

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office christmas fire

If your workplace is anything like ours, then Christmas is already here. That means Christmas trees, fairy lights and jaunty jingles abound. Only a Scrooge would shirk at the sight of this delightful set-up. (Yes, that’s a llama). While this season of cheer is warranted, your business should be aware of potential hazards that litter […]

Open All Winter. Keeping Kids Safe From Slips, Trips And Falls.

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children snow safety

How did you manage with the snow last year? While a snow day may be a kids dream come true, it’s a real headache for schools. Avoiding the likelihood of accidental slips, trips and falls plus the ensuing anger from parents can be a real hassle. You’ve got to prepare for the snow, have the […]