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What Happens When Legionella Goes Unchecked in Your Business

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For businesses across the country, health and safety should be the first thing on the checklist when you start employing people. There are some standard health and safety things that will always get attention first. Things like fire safety, first aid and risk assessments. And some would say rightly so. But there are other things […]

A Salon Waste Disposal FAQ for Salon Owners

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When organising salon waste disposal and collection for customers, they come to us with a lot of questions. All of the legalities and technicalities can be difficult to get your head around. And as the small business experts, Direct365 are the best people to answer all of your salon waste questions. But for the most […]

7 Reasons Why Employees are Taking Sickies

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Many employees enjoy their jobs. Working for a living is a reality of life, and most people get on without any major problems. But there are times when people will need to take time off. Sickness is a natural part of life, but when employees take sick days without any need, questions need to be […]

5 Things to Think About When Performing a Fire Risk Assessment

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Regardless of the industry you’re in, you have a responsibility to keep your staff and visitors safe from the dangers of the workplace. Some workplaces are less dangerous, with the likes of office spaces being safer than industry factories and warehouses. But each environment possesses risk in unto itself. That’s why you need to have […]

7 Things You Should Provide Your Fleet With

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Offering employees and potential employees the perk of a company car could be the difference between retaining and attracting talent, and losing it to your rivals. While you may contest that your company has a greater culture and attitude to employees, that’s difficult to communicate just in a salary and benefits package. But whether you […]

Positive Steps for Men’s Health Month in the Workplace

There have been strong steps to promote male mental health across society over the last decade. Helping people open up about things going on inside their head is a completely positive experience. But there are still serious inroads to be made around male physical health, and there is still a lot not being done in […]

The Direct365 Cold Weather Guide for Businesses

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There’s no time like the present to think about the upcoming winter and all the problems the season may throw up. The cold weather can bring organisations to a standstill. So, what should you be doing in order to keep things running as smoothly? As the small business experts, Direct365 know exactly how small businesses […]

Fire Safety Risk Assessment: What to Know About the New Rules

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When it comes to health and safety at work, fire safety is a big part of keeping people safe. It isn’t just about stopping fires, but avoiding them happening in the first place. And it’s here where your fire safety risk assessment comes into it. This level of preparedness is set out in the Fire […]

6 Tips to Prepare Your Business for Cold Weather

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While the climate seems positively mild for November, there is cold weather just around the corner. While there’s a chance December will continue to be mild, January and February are always cold, with icy roads and frosty window screens aplenty. So preparing your business for the bad weather this year and next is an important […]