Should Businesses Do More To Be Green?

by Laurence Kellett in Small Business Tips | posted:


When it comes to recycling in the workplace the statistics are mostly positive, with our most recent survey revealing that overall as many as 72% of people recycle items at work.

This figure is propped up by the older generation, and pulled down by the younger generation. In the 18-24 age bracket, only 68% are likely to follow green waste schemes, whereas those in the 55-64 category are the most likely, at 84%. Statistics show that on the whole, the older people are, the more inclined they are to recycle, with the younger generation being around 16% less likely to segment their waste than their more senior colleagues.


Karl Bantleman, Head of Digital, commented on the issue, stating that:

“While it is worrying to see such a high percentage of youngsters not taking their employers’ recycling policies seriously, we shouldn’t place the blame squarely at their feet.”


Whilst it could be argued that greater awareness should be raised for people under 24 years old, equal weight should be put on promoting better recycling habits across all ages. On top of this, businesses should be encouraged to promote their own recycling policies more strongly, and make it easier for employees to follow them and do their part.

Data provided by Ferrari Packaging shows that 83% of consumers believe that it is vital for businesses to construct programs that are environmentally friendly. One area of waste disposal that is a particular cause for concern is the common coffee cup. As recently as August 2016, the Liberal Democrats called for action to be taken on the matter, stating that 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away in the UK every year. What’s staggering is that only 1 in 400 of these are being recycled.

The EU has set a universal target for member states to recycle 75% of their packaging waste by 2030, which is expected to put a great deal of pressure on businesses to become more proactive about cutting down their waste, making it easier to recycle and promoting greater recycling policies.

A cohesive effort is needed between businesses striving to be more green, and employees motivated to participate in various efforts and incentives set out by businesses. Making it easier for employees to recycle would make a huge difference in the overall percentage of employees actively recycling in work.