Future Lux 20W Glue Board Fly Killer


Unique, modern and stylish wall mounted fly killer

Ideal for offices, receptions, front of house areas etc

Available in two finishes

As low as £68.50

A unique, stylish wall mounted glue board fly killer range, available in a white or stainless steel finish. The units are fitted with an energy saving E14 UV bulb, assuring a high UV light output whilst saving money on your energy bill. The fly killer’s fluorescent lamp effectively attracts flying insects into its shell, which are then trapped on the glue board situated behind the lamp. We recommend that the fly units are positioned away from light sources as this can interfere with the UV Rays.

The unique Future Lux range has a modern design, making it ideal for commercial kitchens, food storage, counters, reception areas, waiting rooms, doctors, offices etc.

 change your E14 Bulb annually and the glue board every 4 – 6 weeks.

Available in two finishes: white or stainless steel

Replacement glue boards and bulbs:

Replacement E14 Bulb for the Future Fly Killer (product code: C21FLY5)

Replacement Shatterproof E14 Bulb for the Future Table-top Fly Killer (product code: C21FLY31)

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Brand Future
Power Watts 20 watts
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