Wallace Cameron HSE Workplace First Aid Refills 50 person

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Wallace Cameron HSE First Aid Refill Pack

For Food Hygiene and General Workplace Kits

Three Sizes to Replenish Medium & Large First Aid Kits

The Wallace Cameron Small First Aid Refill Pack is designed to restock your Wallace Cameron Small First Aid Kit with a full range of top quality provisions. The pack provides everything within a handy disposable box that can be stored away and discarded after use.

The Wallace Cameron First Aid Refill Kit is available in 3 sizes and contains a full range of provisions for treating wounds and injuries that are common in most environments. 

Small for 1-10 person, Medium for 10-20 person, Large 20-50 person

Contents of the Wallace Cameron Small First Aid Refill: 

40 Adhesive Dressings 
Guidance Leaflet 
40 Adhesive Dressings 
1 roll of Adhesive Tape 
20 Alcohol Free Wipes 
1 Burn Dressing 
1 Large Dressing 
4 Medium Dressings 
6 Nitrile Gloves (Pairs) 
Resusciade Vent Aid 
12 Safety Pins 
2 Triangular Bandages 
Conforming Bandage 
Contents List 
2 Eyepads 
2 Finger Bandage 
1 Foil Blanket

Contents of the Wallace Cameron Medium First Aid Refill:

60 Adhesive dressings
1x Adhesive tape
30 x Alcohol free wipes
2 x Burn dressing
2 x Large dressing
6 x Medium dressing
3 x Triangular bandage
9 x pairs disposable nitrile gloves
1 x Conforming bandage
3 x Eyepads
3 x Finger bandages
1 x Foil Blanket
1 x Resusciade Vent Aid
12 x Safety pins

Contents of the Wallace Cameron Large First Aid Refill:

8 x medium sterile dressings 
2 x large sterile dressings 
4 x triangular bandages 
4 x sterile eye pads 
24 x safety pins 
100 x sterile dressings 
40 x sterile alcohol free wipes 
1 x adhesive tape 
12 x nitrile disposable gloves (pairs) 
4 x sterile finger dressings 
2 x resuiade 
3 x foil blanket 
2 x burn dressing 
2 x conforming bandage

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