Organisation is the key to staying productive, motivated and creative at work, home or on the go, by helping you hit deadlines, stay on top of tasks, delegating work, prioritising importance and having what you need accessible wherever you are.

As the world seemingly gets smaller, ‘work’ is no longer confined to one desk in the same office, close to home – it can be in meeting rooms, at conventions, in different locations, countries or even from the comfort of your own home. In order to stay organised, it’s important that your organisation tools can come with you, wherever you may be , and whilst there aren’t too many items that people carry on their person almost everywhere they go, there’s one item that is often never more than 20 feet from you; your phone!

In no particular order, here are 11 of our favourite apps for staying organised at work:


11-apps-evernote |

Evernote is one of the most popular organisation and productivity apps on the market, mainly due to it’s huge range of possibilities and functionality. It aims to be your one-stop-shop for all your needs as a busy individual, crossing from work into personal life management, and working well with other evernote users to create a fluid eco-system.


Some popular Evernote features:

  • Create and collect notes, images, web pages and documents

  • Share and collaborate with other users

  • Transforms notes into screen-friendly layout presentations

  • Set reminders and deadlines for tasks


11-apps-keep |

On the surface, Google Keep aims to tap into the simplicity market. It offers a beautiful, basic but bold approach to note taking, which is better compared with the default ‘notes’ app on your phone, than it is with the likes of evernote, however under the hood it does offer some clever functionality that makes organising your ideas and tasks very fluid.


Some popular Keep features:

  • Colour code your notes or lists

  • Add in pictures, links or audio notes

  • Syncs across all devices

  • Share notes with other users

  • A powerful search to scour your notes


11-apps-slack |

Slack chat is less about personal organisation, and more about team integration and communication. It acts as a one-stop platform for team communication, offering different channels and groups to make sure only the right people are included in conversations they need to be in, is instant, and supports a multitude of  third-party apps like soundcloud, drop box, gira and more!


Some popular Slack features:

  • Instant chat messaging for groups of co-workers

  • Powerful third-party integration

  • Cross-device synchronization

  • smart, sleek, layout


11-apps-drive |

Google Drive is a cloud storage app which takes full advantage of cloud-based storage to allow you to take your files, images, videos, documents and more with you everywhere. With 15GB as standard, for most users it offers a complete storage solution.


Some popular Drive features:

  • The ability to store a variety of files, including PDFs, movies, mp3s and even Microsoft Office files

  • Powerful sharing capabilities for better collaboration

  • Integration with Gmail makes for easy usability

  • Work offline and see version history


11-apps-pocket |

Pocket is essentially a much more sleek bookmark manager, with great third-party integration. The app allows you to save articles and web pages to read later. On phones, it can be difficult to save certain pages, especially if the original link was on twitter, facebook, or google. All you have to do with pocket is select ‘Save to Pocket’ and your content is waiting for you in the app whenever you want!


Some popular Pocket features:

  • Easy to use save for later app

  • Powerful filtering functionality if you are an avid pocket user

  • Save anything from videos, images, articles and more

  • You don’t need an internet connection to read your saved items



Toggl is a simple and intuitive time management tool, ideal for personal time-tracking or deploying across a business to monitor project timescales. It works by simply allowing the user to enter a task they’re doing, and hit go to start recording their time.


Some popular Toggl features:

  • Simplicity and ease of use with one-click time tracking

  • Ideal for teams, and group tasks

  • Well laid out reports and transparent billing

  • Toggl from anywhere, on the go!


11-apps-hootsuite |

Hootsuite is a social media management dashboard, from within which you can manage, track and control all of your online social activities in one place. It offers both a quick and easy way to be more active on the web, and a powerful tool for digging into what works and what doesn’t for your social efforts.


Some popular Hootsuite features:

  • Scheduled posting, allowing you to queue up to 350 messages

  • In-depth insights with ready to share reports

  • Add team members to share the workload

  • On-hand support to help you with its features and any other problems you’re having



Feedly gained massively in popularity around the time of the Google Reader demise, offering a simple, clean and powerful alternative to the now deceased RSS reader. As basic as an RSS reader is, it offers excellent customisation and a growing extension of third-party app capabilities


Some popular Feedly features:

  • Group feeds into relevant categories for easy browsing

  • Change the theme of Feedly to suit you and your taste

  • Suggested feeds for topics offer a great baseline for starting to create informative and relevant feeds


IFTTT, standing for If This then That, is an online automation tool, constantly expanding it’s functionality and third-party app support to make it an incredibly useful tool and app to take advantage of. It works by allowing you to create recipes, which include a trigger, and a resulting action based on this trigger. We’ve written a far more conclusive explanation on our blog


Some popular IFTTT Features:

  • Works across all devices

  • Is compatible with thousands of channels and is constantly adding more

  • Easy to use, with a simple set up


11-apps-inbox |

Inbox is a new email manager and organising developed by the Gmail team, which aims to change the way you manage your emails, and on the surface – it seems it does. It works by using a much more clean and simple layout than Gmail, and grouping similar messages together for easier organising.


Some popular Inbox features:

  • Bundles your messages for easier organisation and viewing

  • Allows you to snooze messages for later so you can forget about them until you need to

  • Works great across multiple devices



Tweetdeck is a twitter client, owned by Twitter themselves, which allows you a much more customizable view of twitter, with all the vital statistics and feeds in the right place, in one easy-to-view layout. It also allows you to track certain keywords and hashtags and see the updates in real-time, allowing you to respond to things that matter, as they happen.


Some popular Tweetdeck features:

  • Allows you to create a custom twitter experience

  • Supports multiple accounts

  • Create columns to track hashtags and searches