The price of waste and safety: Keep your agricultural business compliant

by Michael Addison in Waste Management | posted:


A farmer’s life isn’t easy. As with all agricultural businesses, excessive waste can accumulate from the service undertaken to keep Britain fed. However, the law no longer exempts farmers from dealing with waste as they see fit. With the UK focusing on its own environmental impacts, here’s how the law has affected farms across the UK.



What does the law say about agricultural waste?

Managing agricultural waste became UK law in 2006.  The law prevents previous practices such as burning waste in the open or burying it. Although this didn’t stop one farmer slapped with a £3000 fine.

All waste produced is under the owners “duty of care” and should only be accepted by those authorised to take it. Only use trusted waste management providers.



The price of safety

The environmental agency takes waste crime very seriously. A £36,000 fine was given to a farmer for using his land as an illegal dumping site. However, waste crime is not the only measure a farmer must prevent. As the farmers weekly reported that under a new law, breaching the health and safety at work act would lead to fines according to business turnover.

This is especially important as the health and safety executive discovered “Agriculture has the highest rate of fatal injury of all the main industry sectors, around 18 times higher than the All Industry rate”. [HSE]

We advise you to consult a Qualified risk assessor to determine any potential workplace hazards. For example, when was the last time you had your fire extinguisher tested?


How can we help?

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