Asbestos is a well-documented danger. The threat it poses to school buildings is colossal. Research by the BBC found over half of the schools in the North West contain asbestos. Ask yourself this. How do you prepare the bright minds of the future if they are to be cut down by dangers of the past?

And what of the educators themselves?

According to the National Education Union, More than 200 teachers have died across the country since 2001 from mesothelioma. Now, asbestos poses little risk if left undisturbed. The following will explain how to manage the risk of asbestos, for a brighter future.

Who’s responsible for managing school asbestos?

The control of asbestos regulations (2012)  state those in charge of the maintenance for non-domestic premises is responsible for managing asbestos. Finding out who’s in charge differs on the type of school. The Health and Safety Executive  advise the following:

Type of school Who’s in charge
Community, voluntary, maintained nursery schools The local authority
Academies, free schools, foundation schools School governors
Independent schools Proprietor, governor or trustees

In your asbestos management plan, you’ll need to consider a wide range of factors: the possibility of vulnerable areas disturbed by unruly students, make staff aware of potential hazards and ensure any contractors are trained and competent when carrying out asbestos work.

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What is the risk of asbestos in schools?

School asbestos before and after

Deaths from asbestos-related lung cancer, mesothelioma among teachers, support staff and students are a real concern. Regular inspections for any signs of damage are a must; it only takes one pin piercing a wall to release asbestos fibres into the air.

Beyond this, the fines that occur through mismanagement incur great monetary costs. For example, one Essex school faced a £200,000 fine after poor planning led to school staff and others exposed to the deadly fibres.

Since exposure to the fibres more often than not triggers illnesses later in adulthood, children exposed early are at risk of having their life cut short by forces out of their own hands. If you haven’t had an asbestos survey carried out, now is the best time. Here’s what we can do for you.

School Asbestos Survey – Direct365

We recommend a yearly management survey; this will cover every room in the school, this takes into account the rooms with reasonable access. If you require this during term time our unmarked, building surveyors will have the job done in a professional, discreet manner.

Experience is key when doing a survey which is why our team have 5 -10 years worth in the field.

An asbestos management survey ensures that you have a full understanding of all the potential risks to your school building. Our fully accredited professionals will survey and provide you with a comprehensive list of any potential hazard spots with recommendations.

Additionally, unlike similar services, we don’t charge per each sample. All samples are included in the price. For a trustworthy and efficient service tailored to your needs. Click below to get an instant quote today.

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