It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (For A Baby Changer)

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It’s close to Christmas which mean the inevitable countdown calendars and adverts to yank, pull and squeeze the heartstrings. If you’ve followed the news; Iceland won by a milestone with the depiction of deforestation told through the story of a child and orangutan.

For small businesses like yourselves, this Christmas, our only message to you is one of practicality. We are going to show you how a baby changer can be used to boost those festive targets.

We ran a study back in March to see what parents expect from outlets across the UK. An important discovery from this study was that parents would happily return regularly to a place where changing their baby wasn’t a stressful experience. Read the full article here.

With Christmas fast approaching, you can only imagine the importance of this finding. Make a home for a brand new baby changer.


A New Baby Changer In Time For Christmas

Hospitality Baby Changers

Babies don’t understand the hubbub around this time. Which makes sense when at that age they’re firm believers of being the centre of the universe. With this heightened sense of ego, parents must be on beck and call, especially in the case of a diaper emergency. That means as a business, roll out the red carpet; making sure your facilities are baby-friendly.

The Horizontal baby-changing table is the perfect buy for this situation, being both British designed and manufactured to UK and EU standards, this is one of the safest and best-priced changers available. Not only is this the case but upon purchasing one, we include a free door sign. Purchase before 2 pm to get it delivered the next day.

Throw in a pack of sanitary liners. Presto. You don’t just have a baby changer.  You now have a recognisable baby changing facility. 

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Don’t stop there.
Get with the mistletoe mood and send some love back to the washroom.


O Come All Ye Faithful Paper Towels

Hospitality Paper Towels

Get hospitable by offering the option of paper towels. They can be a substitute for a hand dryer or used as alternative tissue. Even with the likelihood of a drinks spill, place a bunch down. This item is a jack of all trades, and with our extensive collection, you’ll find the right ones for you.

*prices subject to change

Here’s some popular choices:

White Centrefeed Single Ply Paper – £10.46 (six rolls per case)
Clean up spills more efficiently; resolving potential dangers quicker.

Pristine C-Fold Green Paper Hand Towels – £9.29 (Case of sixteen)
The towel has five folds in total when fully opened making it a larger size. Containing 2,600 sheets in total, you’ll get plenty of value out of it.

PHS Autocut Blue Hand Towel Roll – £18.00 (Case of six)
Coming from one of the biggest names in national hygiene services. These Hand Towels provide a hygienic and practical paper supply for all environments.

Finally, finish up your merry germ-free tidings and stock up on some quality hand sanitiser.


All I Want For Christmas Is Hand Sanitiser

Hospitality Hand Sanitiser

It’s not just about giving your hands a quick rinse under the sink. A recent study at a Northern Ireland hospital, found nearly all cell phones had evidence of bacterial growth. What’s in your pocket and often in your customers’ hands is a significant cause of contamination. While a no-phone policy is as attractive an idea as a chocolate fireguard, a good selection of nearby hand sanitiser should limit the problem.

Not only will it lessen the spread of nasty winter bugs, preventing staff shortages and employee sickness. Equipping your washroom with a quality hand sanitiser is an ideal way to provide your visitors with a pleasant and hygienic experience.

*prices subject to change

Here’s some popular choices:

No Germs Instant Hand Sanitiser Spray – £15.40 (Pack of 12)
The handy 25ml spray is a perfect size to make it always available. Just a couple of sprays and you’ll be killing germs in no time.

Evans Hand Sanitiser 500ml (Case Of 6) – £12.20 (Case of 6)
This quick acting and highly effective alcohol-based hand sanitiser will kill bacteria & viruses without leaving a residue or odour.

No-Germs Alcohol-Free Instant Hand Sanitiser – £28.68 (5 Litre)

Perfect for a situation where normal soap and water washing isn’t possible. Or in an environment where alcohol-based products aren’t appropriate.


For the full range of washroom goodies, check out our online store today.
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