For companies; end of financial year is a time to reflect, celebrate and plan out for the following year. Ending this April 1st, 2019 and starting again until April 30th, 2020.

This refresh presents the perfect opportunity to get rid of any unnecessary clutter building up around the office.


What Would I Need Shredding

confidential waste

Ever since the General Data Protection Act came into full force in March 2018, (can you believe it’s already been a year?) companies that control and process personal information are subject to following GDPR. What with the end of this financial year, have a scout around for anything that isn’t needed. Take the following examples:

  • Ex-Employee Records
  • Client Files
  • Emails
  • Financial Records
  • Quotations

The list is as endless as the amount of personal information you’re handling.

What’s the outcome for not complying with these rules?


GDPR Fines

gdpr fines

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is an independent UK authority dedicated to upholding people’s data privacy rights. They have the right to impose fines & penalties upon companies that refuse to comply with the rules.

Data is a personal freedom that has broad ramifications when snatched up and abused; capable of damaging society as a whole if led into the wrong hands — both private and on a worldwide scale.

Take the most recent cases:

  1. Housing developer that ignored data requests from members of the general public.
  2. Insurance firm collluded with a political marketing campaign to send targeted political marketing messages.
  3. Criminal working for a mobile phone service provider accessed a woman’s data without her permission in order to stalk her.

While the repetitive cases of data attacks, fraudulent scams are ever more commonplace, protecting and shredding valuable documents helps reduce the likelihood of scammers, hackers and digital criminals aiming at your business.

So, why not treat the end of this financial year as the chance to spring clean your data security all in one go.


Financial Year Shredding Clearout

paper shredding companies near me

For businesses that need everything done in one go, the one-off shredding is a great chance to rid yourselves of out-of-date documents and personal information.

Don’t worry about taking the paper clips out of your paper sheets; our shredders are fully equipped to deal with everything from Client files, contact lists, financial reports, private correspondence, employee records, business documents, staples and paperclips.

Our shredding service can be carried out in two ways, whichever is most convenient.


On-Site Shredding

on site shredding

For our on-site mobile shredding service, we will park at your premises. After collecting the confidential material, our vetted, security checked operatives securely transport the documents back to the shredding vehicle. This service allows you to view for yourself how we carry out the destruction of your confidential information.

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Off-Site Confidential Shredding

off site shredding

Off-site Shredding should be easy, stress-free and most of all; secure. Any information taken off-site adheres to strict protocol procedures. Fleet vehicles are GPS-tracked and sent to secure, monitored facilities.

A certificate of destruction will be delivered, confirming the eradication of all documents and other waste.  To coax your eco-worries all shredded paper is 100% recycled afterwards, not only are you helping to be data secure but you’d also be helping the environment.

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