New law for landlords

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation and Liability for Housing Standards) Bill provides tenants extra rights to have properties safe and well maintained during their tenancy. It is not in effect as of this moment; the bill is currently going through parliamentary procedures.

Why is this law being introduced?

After high-profile fires last year, Shelter commissioned a poll on tenants attitudes on their rented accommodation. They found one in 10 renters in England has fire safety concerns. This is especially worrying as one in four households are expected to be renting by 2021. From sturdy fire doors to working smoke detectors, the requirements are simple but critical. Here are some essential tips to make sure your tenants are fire-safe.


Fire safety essentials for landlords

Dependant on your letting, a landlord who controls flats, bedsits or hostels must have a risk assessment in place to comply with fire safety regulations. Recently, the FPA (fire protection association) revealed that hundreds of assessors are operating in the UK with only basic training. At Direct365 all our fire safety technicians have the proper accreditations.


Here are the four fire prevention measures to look out for:

           Fire Alarms

The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 set out that landlords must have appropriate warning systems in case of a fire. British standards recommend your Fire Alarm Testing happens at least twice a year. Which is why we offer our service to match, to ensure your system is always in full working order.


With more than 3 tenants living in a single accommodation, you will need to consider additional safety features for your building. These include providing fire extinguishers and fire blankets. We can offer a free fire risk assessment to determine what you need to stay compliant.


The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (2005) expects all fire preventative measures to be kept in working order. As a landlord, you should ensure these doors are left unobstructed. Fire doors save lives and reduce property damage. Let us keep yours in working order.

          Emergency Light Testing

         Breaching the fire safety law can lead to severe fines, a landlord was fined £19,000 when his building was found to have defective emergency lighting. All our engineers are fully trained fixed wire engineers and can offer a remedial quote for any additional fixes while on your premises; should you need it.

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