Injuries in the workplace: Statistics

The rate of employer-reported non-fatal injuries has seen a 58% reduction since 1986. While this is great news for employers and employees alike, there were still 70,116 reported cases in 2016/17. Accidents do happen after all, yet, what do you need to know if an accident happens in the workplace?


First aid kits in the workplace

The law’s requirement for first aid at the workplace is found in the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations (1981) which requires you “to provide adequate and appropriate first-aid equipment, facilities and people so your employees can be given immediate help if they are injured or taken ill at work.“


The Health and safety executive published an assessment guide on the appropriate measures needed when assessing the first aid needs of your business.

first aid kits requirements

For a small business, the HSE recommends at a minimum to have a stocked first aid kit on the premises and an appointed person to take charge of the supplies.


Should you keep the first aid kit locked up or stored somewhere?

Are their differences in first aid kits?

What is an appropriate first aid kit for the workplace?


Why have a locked first aid cabinet

The hse state that someone must be appointed to manage the first aid equipment. The reason for having a locked cabinet would be when the emergency occurs these supplies are readily available. Without a cabinet, supplies could go missing.

The law is to provide to provide adequate and appropriate first-aid equipment. It is up to you whether this includes having a stored cabinet. We do offer the option of purchase here.

lockable first aid cabinet

Differences between first aid workplace + travel kits


The difference in a workplace first aid kit is that they have enough supplies for many people. One of the many first aid kits we sell comes in 3 sizes suitable scaled for the number of employees you have.

standard first aid kit


A travel first aid kit is a carry-on, with enough supplies for one individual. You would find a travel first aid kit be best when on the move. If your employees are required to attend meetings away from the workplace, it might be best to supply a travel first aid kit just in case.


travel first aid kit

What workplace first aid kit should I choose?

While there are many first aid kits on the market to choose from – the biggest factor in deciding on a first aid kit is dependant on the number of people employed on your premises. For low hazard environments (think; shops, offices, libraries etc) the number of staff on site can determine which first aid kit to buy.

For higher risk premises, like building sites, warehouses, places dealing with hazardous chemicals, the decision is the same, only scaled up.

Here’s what the sizes mean:


Low-risk environment = 25 or fewer employees

High-risk environment = less than 5 employees


Low-risk environment = per 100 employees

High-risk environment = per 25 employees

For anywhere in between, a medium first aid kit is normally sufficient, but you know your company.

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