No-one enjoys flies buzzing around. The pests flit around your face, ruin food and cause general distress. One community in Llanelli has faced “biblical” amounts of flies. The cause of this catastrophe?


It’s said to be because of the poor pest control management of a local scrap metal site. Leading droves and droves to infest the town. The image below is of a local resident who collected all the dead flies that had circulated inside her house.

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So, avoid a bad name & reputation with the locals and use a fly zapper. Kill them dead before they receive the chance to go like the fourth Egyptian plague. Here are our four most popular insect control devices.


Popular Insect Control Devices


Insect-A-Clear Lantern 18 Watt With Black Lid And Tray

The Insect-a-clear Lantern is a professional commercial fly killing machine, not to be confused with the small plastic ‘bug zappers’. Tested to IPX4, the lantern is a robust solution ideal for outside use in barbecue areas, pub gardens, patios and any other outside area where flying insects are a problem. Place it in an ideal spot and let the lantern get to work zapping away all flying intruders. When you clean up, the catch tray is specifically designed to make your job easier. A quick release and you’ll be disposing of fly carcasses in no time.

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Flymatic Commercial Glue Board Flying Insect Killer


Flymatic insect killers use ultraviolet rays to attract light sensitive insects such as flies and moths. While it may appear just for show, the flies don’t know that! A key benefit is the fact pests will be kept firmly planted in the glue board.  A removable collection tray catches the flies and makes cleaning quick and easy. Ideal for houses, factories, food outlets, cold rooms, hospitals and any location that needs to be kept clear of flying insects. Avoid theatrical death throes by letting them stay well and truly stuck.

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Allure 30 Watt Fly Killer In Stainless Steel


This device operates with a 66.7% high UV light output than traditional fly killing devices. The unique Z-shaped killing grid provides a 20% larger fly killing area, ensuring that the unit easily copes with the increased number of flies attracted because of this higher output. Independently tested to European and British standards, no-fly is safe. Mount it to a wall, ceiling or desk, where-ever is desired to cull the tide of annoyances.

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Exocutor 16 Watt Electronic Fly Killer In Stainless Steel Or White


The Exocutor brand is known for its longstanding reliability and proven efficacy in demanding commercial environments, the latest generation of Exocutor fly killers assures consistent results. The devices are available in 16W, 30W, 40W or 80W dependant on the level of destruction you wish to reap upon the insect population.

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