How did you manage with the snow last year?

Last winter was something else. The beast from the east wreaked havoc across the country, cutting off important services and temporarily closing down many businesses during it’s brutal period. To avoid leaving our customers in the dark, we persevered.

But it left us with a question.

How can we help our customers avoid shutting down next winter?

How We Anticipate The Snow

Through both an innovative mechanical/manual approach. We will be able to know with pinpoint accuracy the likelihood your site will be a snow risk. Using technology gained from google earth, we agree first with you on the target locations and where the work will be carried out.

The system used for clearing the snow is called short-range forecasting. What this means is by tracking the weather patterns prior, we can see how prone your premises will be to ice/snow build up. This forecasting is carried out before 10:00 in the morning, in order to provide the best accuracy. Work is then carried out between the hours of 7pm-7am. The system is fully automated, yet at the same time, it’s customisable to your needs. We work on the days you want us to and will shut off the schedule for the times you’re not open.

How Gritting and Snow Removal Works

When the service is agreed, we will need to ask the following so that our accredited staff can enter the site and complete the work, so everyone can enter ice-free the following work day.

This includes an appendix detailing:

  • How do they access the site?
  • Are there any codes they need to know in order to enter?
  • Site contact

We use white marine salt to melt the dangerous ice and snow around your site. This is effective as up to -6 degrees which can handle most weather conditions. Additionally, the vehicles used to go over the spread salt helps strengthen the overall de-icing process. Not only will it melt away the ice around your site, but the salt won’t clog up the drains either!

Gritting and Snow Clearance Direct365

Are you in charge of the health and safety of customers, staff, and employees?

While we do offer snow clearance and gritting supplies on our online page, our gritting and snow clearance service offers a well-rounded approach to helping keep your premises risk-free.

Buying grit will help remove ice and snow, but you still need to keep in mind that the person clearing the snow is usually the one most at risk of a slip, trip and fall. Put your trust in professionals to get the job done right.

Avoid icy slips and snow days with the help of a professional gritting and snow clearing service.

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