When choosing an air freshener, the first step to go for usually is the fragrance. You don’t want to enter a room with an unpleasant scent. Like a stuffy office room with no ventilation and the stale smell of a microwaved hotpot lunch fermenting the airflow. Your choice of air freshener should act as both a perfect companion to employee happiness and productive workflow. But that’s not all.

In this article, we’ll go over some key pointers to consider when looking to get the best air freshener for your business.


The Best Air Freshener: What To Look Out For



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To most people, a scent isn’t just a fragrance; it’s a piece of a memory, a fragment of a better time. Smell enters the nose and travels to the olfactory bulb, which helps our brains process what we smell. It’s closely linked to the amygdala, which is where we store our emotional memories. The smells you use are gateways to good feelings.

In the workplace, certain smells can affect peoples moods and work performance, for example; smells like citrus and peppermint encourage clearer thinking, energise staff and prevent mental fatigue.

From reception to the washroom; If you have a sixth sense for good smells, we’ve more than six scents to choose from.





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What you may have at home is a can of Febreze or a couple of diffusers, which for a single home environment will do the job. When you consider a commercial building, a few cans will ramp up the cost in no time.

This all depends on the regularity of your usage. Do you find yourself looking through expenses and fresheners keep propping up time after time?

The best way to save money while keeping air fresh is by using a programmable dispenser.



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Most aerosol based dispensers will have a built-in system that you can customise to your needs. This way, you’re fully aware when the spray will run out.

Dispensers such as Airoma®  have a quick set up button that allows you to choose a limit to when the spray runs out, going from 30/45/60 days use.

Specific dispensers allow you a wide choice of programmable features to help boost cost-cutting measures. The Airoma®  range not only allows quick set up but the option to input complex program setups.


  • Timed 6, 8, or 12-hour operation;
  • Start and end time
  • Choice days of operation (5, 6, or 7).
  • Weekend On/Off

Save money and stay fresh with an Airoma® Dispenser.




Asthma Friendly Fresheners

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While fresh smells might be at the forefront of your mind right now; employees who suffer from health conditions such as asthma/allergies will suffer from ordinary aerosols. However, this doesn’t put fresh scents out of reach for your business.

There’s an alternative option.

The V-Air Solid® does not contain any propellants, diffusing the fragrance by natural air movement; this makes it less likely to have an effect on people who have Asthma. The versatile V-Air Solid® dispenser provides up to 60 days of fragrance in a completely environmentally friendly manner. This device is one of the smartest and safest on the market. V-Air Soild® dispensers are completely free from any solvents, propellants and batteries.

While this is one of the safest on the market, it’s always recommended to check the safety data sheet before incorporating it into the workplace, just in case any ingredients of a particular scent could spark an allergic reaction.

For a smart, environmentally friendly alternative, check our V-Air Solid® range today.




Commercial Air Freshener Service

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For all the work you carry out on a day-to-day basis. Spending valuable time on the installation, planning and continuously repurchasing of air freshener refill sprays is a hassle. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Direct365, we can keep your business smelling fresh without worry. Providing you with free installation available and flexible servicing options to keep your air freshener dispenser topped up year round.

With six tried and tested scents to choose from, ranging from Punchy Orange to Floral Breeze, you’ll have plenty of choices to decide which scent suits you best. We change the fragrance on each service for when you feel the inclination to try a different scent.

For the best nationwide air freshener service,

please get in touch today.


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