Without our plumbers, tilers and hands-on workers, we’d all be at a loss that’s for sure.

These are people who help keep our buildings in good nick, while everyone else keeps the cogs running.

Unfortunately, this dedicated work takes a real toll on the knees.


Knee Pain At Work

Knee Pain

In one study focusing on occupation and knee pain, researchers found an increased risk of knee pain occurs for those working construction and similar jobs which involve knee bending and heavy lifting. As much of the time spent is done kneeling on cold, hard surfaces for long periods, the likelihood of workers suffering from swollen knees and requiring replacement surgery is not far from reality.

While people are growing older, the state pension age is increasing with an increase to 66 for both men and women by October 2020.  That’s a lot of years to go if your legs give out.

That’s a lot of years to go if your legs give out.

That’s why we have updated our protective workwear range to give you and your staff to the tools in reducing knee pain, allowing you to continue working safely for longer.


Top Picks For Knee Protection

According to the Office of National Statistics, we’re all living longer in poorer health.  

Our average years lived in “Not Good” health has increased because life expectancy has grown faster than healthy life expectancy.

Where you and your workers are concerned, one way to deliberate any debilitating knee conditions is through utilising any of these pieces of knee protection workwear.


1. Impacto Molded Nitrofoam Knee Pads

Nitroform knee protection

Size: one size with an adjustable strap, hook and loop closure.

These nitro-foam pads offer a comfortable, lightweight all day protection.  The moulded design cups your knee cap and bends alongside the knee which gives that added comfort and flexibility on the job.  

You would be best pressed to use these for more your indoor painting, plumbing and electrical work.

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2. Impacto Gelite Heavy Duty Knee Pads

gel knee pads

Size: one size with quick clip fastening adjustable double straps. (Straps 1.5 wide x 14 long).

These pads are EN certified for penetration and shock absorption when kneeling to work. Features, like it’s smooth and rounded surface, is ideal for maintenance, manufacturing and construction applications that require easy sliding.

No need to scrape and cut your knees on rough ground with these heavy-duty knee pads; the enlarged hard outer shell offers additional protection against any external debris.

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3. Impacto Kneeling Mat (Two Sizes)

Kneeling Mats

Available in two sizes: Medium (8″ x 16″) and Large (14″ x 21″)

These kneeling mats make perfect use for any terrain, place them down in steel, concrete, gravel or even wet surfaces. They are oil and water resistant, yet easy to clean with soap and water or steam cleaning.

With such a range of different applications, these resilient closed-cell foam mats are popular in near enough any scenario. Whether you’re laying down your tools on a medium mat, or kneeling down on the large one.

Workshops, manufacturing all workers will find great use from them.

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