Everyone has a public toilet nightmare story. From minor lack of soap grievances to a lack of toilet paper – we all fear these public toilet problems. While it is frightening, you can often choose another stall, or find somewhere else to use the loo.

Workplace toilets are a completely different story. Research conducted in 2022 suggests that 44% of employees said they expected the washroom will smell unpleasant. When it comes to poor facilities employees are taking notice.

After all, could you go all day without using a toilet?

To help keep the men’s toilets fragrant and reduce the signs of uric acid damage to your urinals, we have a selection of urinal sleeves to suit your business needs.


How often should urinal mats be replaced?

Unsurprisingly, urinal mats aren’t long-lasting. Their fragrance fades and leads to nothing more than a piece of plastic at the bottom of a urinal. They have a decent shelf-life, but aren’t forever lasting. Because of this, most manufacturers advise a standard use-by-date for each product, giving the user enough time to replace when the time comes.

Now, where can you find long-lasting, strong fragrance and reliable mats from?


Wee Screen For Urinal Mats

wee-screen-urinal-matNot every urinal is the same specification which makes squeezing some urinal protection a troubling task. The Wee Screen™  comes with many benefits untypical for a standard urinal mat, for instance:

  • Deep bubbles in the design reduce the risk of splashback
  • Flexible material, giving it the ability to fit in almost any urinal
  • Enhanced fragrance delivery, lasting up to 30 days
  • Vibrant shades to encourage use and a visual target to help accuracy.

The Wee Screen™ isn’t your standard urinal accessory.  

Available in three fragrances to add a spice of variety.

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These mats are ideal for a great toilet experience; however, for many businesses in the UK, you’ll find an additional problem. The existence of waterless urinals. While they have a myriad of benefits,  saving water, reducing energy, no floods they may seem too right to be true.


Waterless Urinal Problems


Waterless urinals have the benefit of reducing waster wastage which helps to meet environmental goals. The less water we waste, the better it is for mother nature.  Although a waterless urinal has nothing to rinse the urine away, leaving it there to site in the drain and congeal into calcium. Eventually blocking the toilet and leaving the smell of ammonia still lingering in the air.

More modern technology has timed washroom flushes, meeting the middle ground of conservation and practicality.

However, with new tech means higher costs. For the tight budget of business owners, there’s a  simple enough remedy that doesn’t mean renovating your plumbing system.


P-Screen® Waterless Urinals


Whether waterless or flushed, some simple measures have to be taken to prevent odors and blockages. P-Screen® offer 60-days fragrance for the most urinals out there. This device has the following benefits:

  • Triple action screen: offers both dual fragrance and enzyme protection, with the central core acting as a barrier towards bacteria buildup.
  • Central core:  Enzyme-based blocker that actively fights against the effects of uric acid and calcium build-up.
  • Design Feature: Offering splashback protection and the ability to prevent waste and other materials from blocking the plumbing.

Protect your waterless urinals with P-Screen®.

Available in three fragrances to add a spice of variety.

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